Overview of NGF Plasmids

NGF Plasmids are genetic constructs designed to express Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in various cell types. NGF is a neurotrophic factor crucial for the growth, maintenance, and survival of neurons. It plays a vital role in neurodevelopment and neuroprotection.

Key Features

  • NGF Gene: The plasmid contains the gene sequence encoding the NGF protein. This sequence can be optimized for enhanced expression in different host cells.
  • Promoters: Strong promoters (e.g., CMV, EF1α) are included to drive the high-level expression of the NGF gene.
  • Selectable Markers: Antibiotic resistance genes (e.g., ampicillin, neomycin) enable the selection of successfully transformed cells.
  • Multiple Cloning Sites (MCS): Allow the insertion of the NGF gene and other sequences of interest into the plasmid vector.
  • Fusion Tags: Some plasmids include tags (e.g., GFP, His-tag) for easy purification and visualization of NGF.


  • Neuronal Growth and Differentiation: Study the effects of NGF on the growth and differentiation of neurons in various cellular models.
  • Neuroprotection: Investigate the protective effects of NGF against neuronal damage and degeneration in models of neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Pain Research: Explore the role of NGF in pain pathways and its potential as a target for pain management therapies.
  • Neurodevelopment: Assess the role of NGF in the development and maturation of the nervous system.


  • Cloning: Insert the NGF gene into the plasmid vector using molecular cloning techniques such as restriction enzyme digestion and ligation.
  • Transformation: Introduce the plasmid into bacterial cells for propagation and amplification.
  • Transfection: Deliver the plasmid into mammalian cells, particularly neurons, to express the NGF protein.
  • Analysis: Use biochemical assays, Western blotting, immunocytochemistry, and fluorescence microscopy to study NGF expression, localization, and biological effects.
AffiPLASMID® pSIN-EF2-NGF (human) -Puro
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AffiPLASMID® pCMV-NGF (human) -3×FLAG-Neo
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AffiPLASMID® pCDNA3.1-NGF (human) -3×HA
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AffiPLASMID® pcDNA3.1-NGF Plasmid
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AffiPLASMID® pBinGFP2 Plasmid
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